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Posted by Cheryl Oxley on Aug 16, 2016 9:06:04 PM


Welcome to our 1st blog. We’re the Quintela Group LLC, but our clients just call us “Quintela.”  We're starting this new way to share some insights that we've picked up while implementing cool, simple technology for Industrial-Organizational (I-O) and talent management professionals. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so we’ll do our best to make you giggle along the way – and at times ruffle a few feathers. Our CEO tops out at least half of the Hogan Development Survey derailers.

So why is our blog called How Many ClicksTM?

Dr. Joel Quintela founded the company in 2009 after seeing a huge disconnect between I-O (HR in general) and IT. Two geeks separated by a common language. Maybe you know what we mean - too many misunderstandings (“that’s not what I said - yes, you did”) which lead to too many revisions which lead to you getting a product that you sort of like.  So we made it our mission to be the I-O’s IT.  Interestingly, both of our professions LOVE complexity.  But IT complexity kills I-O value and I-O complexity kills IT value.  The way to simplify your I-O technology process is to ask yourself how many clicks it takes to do each task. For example, how many clicks does it take to administer two or more tests or how many clicks does it take to download the reports.  Our blogs will focus on ways to reduce complexity and increase value based on behavioral science, technology, and the user experience (UX).

What do we do?

We offer easy-to-use I-O technology to integrate, automate, host, and report based on top tests as well as your proprietary content used to hire, develop, and evaluate talent. This technology applies to psychometric assessments, interviews, and performance management. Our talent technology solutions are designed around our clients’ specific process and needs. We don’t make our clients adapt their process and programs to fit with rigid technology. Yes, that means some custom but mostly configuration, because we built our technology to adapt to the different individuals who use it.  

Need a little proof? Check out what our clients say about us in the quotes scattered throughout our website. Fortune 500 companies and global organizations entrust Quintela to host their talent systems for selection assessments, leadership development programs, online interview systems, and performance management platforms. Repeat business and professional referrals not only make us feel good, but it’s also where we get most of our business. We’d love to name drop, but that’s not really our style.

What’s next?

Look out for our next blog!  So you know the drill - subscribe to our blog, retweet what you find interesting @quintela_io and contact us at [email protected] if you have questions.


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